Our Dance Classes

Self-nominated as “Your Favorite Dance Studio’s Favorite Dance Studio,” Dance House Productions offers professional dance classes and instruction in traditional, popular and niche dance styles. Our goal is to authentically represent each of these disciplines and to uphold ourselves – and our students – to a national standard, instead of just being “pretty good for dancers from Maine.”

A quick note about our universal dress code: Please, no gum and no jewelry. Please wear hair so that it is out of the face. Please wear age-appropriate clothing that is non-revealing. Please do not wear street shoes inside the dance room. Please do not wear shoes or clothing with metal studs, rivets or spikes. There may be additional dress code requirements from style to style. These requirements can be found under our class description page. Please read on!

For parents of children ages 3-7 in our dance classes: Your child may need your attention from time to time for various reasons, including bathroom or behavioral issues. We ask that you do not leave the waiting room when your child is in class – unless first informing the office and making arrangements to have another parent responsible during your absence. We make every effort to have all children feel safe and cared for in a loving and inspiring learning environment.


At approximately seven centuries old, ballet is the foundation of all Western Dance. The three main branches, ordered chronologically, are the French, Italian and Russian. At Dance House Productions we offer Classical Ballet instruction. Classical Ballet blends the traditions of the French, Italian and Russian Ballet schools.

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Hip-Hop Dance

A multi-cultural descendant of the traditions of African slaves, Indigenous peoples of the “New World” and colonists, Hip Hop falls under the umbrella of street or urban dance. From its birth over fifty years ago to this day, Hip-Hop reigns as one of the ultimate dance forms, boasting worldwide popularity.

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Jazz Dance

Born in American colonial plantations and raised on the nineteenth-century Vaudeville circuits, Jazz Dance is the result of forceful integration of Western and African cultural traditions. Jazz Dance has survived long enough to be codified into several distinct schools of movement.

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Other Dance Styles

From the melodically influenced vocabulary of Lyrical, to the rich rhythmic traditions of Tap, to the dynamic acrobatics of Break Dancing, we have a style to offer that will appeal to every type of mover!

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