Jazz Dance Lessons

Jazz Dancers Performing at Dance House Productions, Biddeford, Maine

At Dance House Productions we love and value our work which is physical education through dance. Our faculty strive to be the best instructors, dancers and choreographers possible. We take every opportunity to continue our education in the field of Jazz Dance. We love sharing information with parents and students.

Dress Code for Jazz: Please come to class wearing tight fitting clothing that does not restrict movement. Dance Paws are required to be worn in class.

What is Jazz Dance?

We will tell you our thoughts on what it isn’t, and what is helpful to know in order to determine what it is.

What Jazz Dance isn’t:

  • Jazz Dance is not ballet choreography set to popular music, nor is it ballet choreography performed while wearing something other than traditional ballet costumes.
  • Jazz Dance is not ballet choreography set to popular music, wearing no-ballet costumes sprinkled with tricks, leaps and acrobatics.
  • Jazz Dance is not randomly selecting a song, a costume and movements creating something no one understands and pretending it’s art.
  • Jazz Dance is not modern dance.

A final note on what Jazz Dance isn’t:

plagiarizing already existing, well-known Jazz choreography from movies such as Singing in the Rain or television shows like So You Think You Can Dance technically is Jazz Dance. However, our goal is not to copy the works of others but rather to be innovative and authentic.

Now on to what is helpful to know:

In order to have an innovative and authentic experience in the class, you must know the history of this dance. To understand the history of Jazz Dance is to know that music, technical and costume selection must follow certain rules. Knowing what these rules are allows our instructors to honor traditions and conventions of Jazz Dance.

Some very important clues about what Jazz Dance is:

Jazz Dance is connected to an event that transpired in a certain American Colony in the mid 1700’s.

Countries like Gambia, Mali, Ghana, Nigeria, Angola and Senegal are crucial contributors in defining Jazz Dance.

Certain regions of early America are crucial in defining Jazz Dance while others are not. Which areas are important? Learning about the Protestant Reformation in Europe during the 16th century will provide the right answer.

Jazz Dance’s movements are defined and governed by a very specific category of rhythms.

Jazz Dance is defined by an American student of a famous Rhajastani dancer and choreopgrapher.

Our Jazz Dance Program

If you have read this, hopefully you are beginning to see that what distinguishes our program from other dance programs is knowledge of the history of the dance and the ability to make appropriate costume, musical, technical and choreographic choices. Dance House Productions’ staff members are tireless learners who are active and inspired artists, not business administrators running a dance-themed daycare. All of this makes our Jazz Dance Program exceptional. Of course on the internet it is easy to pretend that you’re something you’re not. There is only one thing left to do, and that it is come and see for yourself!

Get Started

If you are interested in Jazz Dance lessons here at Dance House productions, call us now at (207) 282-6769, or complete the form below and one of our instructors will be in touch right away!


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